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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My next book always starts with a title

When I get my initial idea for a book it comes with a very rough idea for a title. This feeds the storyline, the central theme for me. Later, as I add characters, build the plot, discover the unfolding dialogue between the characters and find the settings and locales for the set pieces, I find myself with insomnia, searching for a better title. Here's a good example - my next book - currently titled The Glass Fence was originally Pretty Maids All in a Row. A few months later, it became All the Lonely People, followed by Hotel Confidential. But it still wasn't the best title... I savored it for a couple of months, defended it in the body of the work. But it still wasn't the right title. It was a catchy title, but didn't portray much of the true pyschology in the text... It didn't defend central theme for me as I found with my previous books - Chasing God's River and The Five Pearls. But wala! I think now the final title has arrived, driven in like a spike - from the story, the theme. But without a title to start with, I find it difficult to stay excited and move forward...

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