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I know how beautiful and courageous it is to dip the pen in the inkwell early on, then to stay motivated, finding other voices to keep you inspired. Never give up. Always dare to dream... In the electronic age, all can be heard. The depth of your audience is up to you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

For the past few years I have read and researched the evolving book buyer marketplace. Have readers declined? Absolutely. Let's face it - many people still love to read, but they also love movies, cable television, and playing with new technological gadgets. I am sure publishers and writers are exhausting all known resources to keep or find the audience, but there are so many channels of publicity, marketing and electronic distribution to discover, often pay for, and stay on top of that it boggles the mind. How do you build a loyal audience? One reader at a time... Can your writing make a difference? Often it does in ways that you can never measure. Case in point - I was restless the other night, needing to get away from the computer, the television, the stack of books by my easy chair, my two dogs and their constant need for affection. I went to sing some karaoke and fell into a conversation with a woman. I asked her what books she had read recently and out of the blue, she said The Five Pearls (my book).. ( She didn't know that I was the author. She said it rescued her from the emotional and physical loss of her son who recently passed away. Wow! I realized that the quest for success writer's crave is often co-mingled with a writer's more ethereal quest for contribution.

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