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Monday, January 24, 2011

Time is a precious commodity

The wise man looks inside his heart and finds eternal peace.

I was born in 1955. We had a small black and white television then. I watched the John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassination on television, America landing on the moon, Dick Clark's American Bandstand and Don Cornelius's The Soul Train. Vietnam showed me dead and maimed bodies every day on the evening news. The riots of the 1968 Democratic Convention a few miles north of my home. What were tanks doing in Chicago? The Man From UNCLE, Gomer Pyle, then Archie Bunker, Happy Days... The Weathermen, Rodney King, Reagan and Gorbachev adding their paint to the Cold War, American hostages in Iran, Nixon's shenanigans, the Iran Contra affairs, 3-Mile Island, Chernobyl, riots in the American streets, crazy Charlie Manson, the Gong Show, the Dating Game, the Challenger explosion, wars across the globe, Bush invading Iraq, Bush 2 invading Iraq and Afghanistan, corporate greed, recessions, the rise of poverty and AIDS... Overall, television has displayed the meanness of us all disproportionate to our goodness.
And here we are -  we had to have this, had to have that, said the ads... Oh the hours and days and months I spent absorbed by the television canvas - precious time better spent walking my dogs and playing Scrabble... Learning about MY world without the interventions of a universe I have small effect to impact.

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