Sharing is Caring

I know how beautiful and courageous it is to dip the pen in the inkwell early on, then to stay motivated, finding other voices to keep you inspired. Never give up. Always dare to dream... In the electronic age, all can be heard. The depth of your audience is up to you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stagnant fingers

Time for me to focus on all things writing. I published a book for a lawyer and am finishing one for a cancer survivor. My new book Waking Purgatory is languishing while I wait for replies from agents. I am halfway done with The Water Lawyer but working a 55 hour week and taking on other prjects has pretty much shut down my own creative flow. All it takes is a nice fat lotto ticket to write full-time. There is no one on the horizon at death's door with me in their will... Memo to self: Stop bitching, eliminate the need for social interaction, stay home, stare at the dogs and walls and write!

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